Before you even thinking about perusing this career, you need to possess certain abilities, and first of all, is caring about people regardless of their age and disabilities. If so, then you could make a great success in a health care industry. CAN comes with significant advantages and the best employment rate in the years to come. By 2020, this position is expected to soar up to 20%. If you are thinking of becoming a certified nursing assistant, then here are the essential things that may interest you.

What is a CAN?

A skilled health care professional who provides services to patients and residents of health care facility. CAN job descriptions involves measuring patient’s vitals, helping a patient in eating, bathing, going to the bathroom, and in other everyday activities? Perform basic medical interventions, such as changing the bandage, giving medications and following doctor’s instruction. Patients mental condition is paramount, but if you behave more like a friend instead of CAN, you will be able to relive them some stress and pain.


To be accepted in CAN program, you need to provide high school degree or to possess GED certification. Some institutions offer online programs that at a time may seem convenient if you don’t have a chance to attend the classes. Once you start this program, make sure to choose two major courses. One is the basic patient care course. In this course, you will learn all about duties and responsibilities of certified nursing assistant. The course involves 75 hours and program covers bathing and feeding patient, taking vitals and providing primary care.

The second part of a program is called a clinical internship. Here you get to apply all knowledge you learned in the previous one. You get to experience real life situations, usually in nursing homes or at a local hospital. To get a CAN certification, you need to spend 16 hours on clinical internship.


Considering that CAN is an important part of health care system, it comes with a set of requirements and regulations. The final step to receive your certification, you need to complete 75 hours training. Besides this, you need to pass a comprehensive exam. After you complete all these steps, you are given a certificate, and you can pursue employment in this industry.

Personal abilities

Be compassionate – in this medical area, you will be dealing with elderly and disabled patients. For you to carry out such difficult tasks, apart from your credentials, you need to possess compassion and empathy.

Be patient – the job of CAN is challenging, and eventually, you will need a lot of patience. Especially when dealing with older adults how are depressed. In some cases, you won’t be able to conduct the job you have been trained because the patient isn’t willing to cooperate.

Be observant – in most healthcare facilities, CNAs are the primary caregivers. Since you will be dealing with older and disabled people during the whole day, you need to learn to be observant and to pay attention to their needs.