Have you ever thought about a career in health? Would you like to become a member of a dedicated and companionate team? Do you want to help others with your skills and education? A certified nursing assistant is a job you are searching. You will be in direct contact with a patient, and you will be one of the most important parts of a healthcare team. In fact, we cannot imagine healthcare system without CAN. You will be in charge of dealing with patient’s everyday needs and measuring their vitals, being kind and compassionate towards them. So, here are your choices and why you should become CAN.

Short training

You will only need three months to get your certificate. A CAN program lasts from four to twelve weeks. Each applicant needs to finish 75 hours of classroom training and 16 hours to learn clinical skills in real life situations. After you complete these courses, you will be able to take CAN examination in your state.

You don’t need a college degree

If you want to enroll this course, you aren’t required a college degree; you just need a high school diploma or a GED credentials. Most states allow an applicant to enter when they are 18 years old. But, few states of U.S. will allow you to apply when you are 16 or 17 years old.

The prices are affordable

Compared to other health care training, the prices of CAN are quite affordable. Average costs are $1,200. To get a certificate, you will need to spend $125 and to register and to get a proof of certification; you will need to pay $50 more. As you can see, these costs are very reasonable.

The employment rate is great

By 2020, the employment rate will rise to 20%, which means that 300,000 new professional CNAs will be needed. This is a great opportunity for people who don’t have a job or full – time employment. CAN’s work will be challenging, but, it will bring you great advantages.

Good salary

An average annual salary that CNAs receive in $26,000. This amount can be larger, depending on your residence and work. For example, if you work full – time, you will be able to earn 25% more because of the benefits that all employers offer, such as, medical insurance, holidays, paid vacation and retirement.

You can choose where to work

CANs have great job choices; you can work in residential or long – term health care facility. Your options are vast; you can select hospitals, clinics of retirement homes. In this career, you can achieve additional certificates as well.

Skills that last forever

As a health care professional, you will continue to learn. Even if you decide to become an excellent dentist in Bozeman, you will know how to save a life and care for others. In a nursing program, you will understand what happened during the illness and what is the importance of proper care.